Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you make your money?

A: Heartland Brick is supported by voluntary contributions from member brick manufacturers

Q: How can you offer your services for free? What's the catch?

A: Heartland Brick believes that strong development standards generally result in thoughtfully designed, high-quality development for a community. This kind of development in turn attracts more of the same. The end result is that both the community and the clay brick industry (which makes a high quality building product) benefit. By working to build healthy, beautiful communities, the brick industry wins too! There is no catch. You will never receive an invoice for Heartland Brick's community planning services.

Q: If my community asks for your assistance, are you going to help us or just  try to sell us brick?

A: While we believe that design guidelines and standards are generally ineffective unless they address building materials, we tailor our advice to fit the unique issues and economic and political realities of your community.  We've found that once citizens begin to analyze what they really want from development in their community, brick usually becomes part of the conversation organically. We believe in our product and will definitely promote the community-wide benefits of local policies that call for its use.

Q: Who provides your services?

A: Heartland Brick employs a small staff of experienced community planners who are members of the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP). Collectively, the staff has nearly 30 years of local government planning experience. While many community planners are generalists working in a variety of disciplines, our planners focus entirely on one aspect of community planning – policy solutions that generate better design and construction.