Our Passion for Communities

For centuries, clay brick has quite literally provided the building blocks for great communities. From the streets that laced their neighborhoods together to the walls and spires of the landmarks that defined them, communities' function, history, and very nature has been shaped by brick.  

Continuing in that tradition, Heartland Brick strives to embrace and improve communities as a whole.  To that end, we provide free planning assistance to communities in Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin that are interested in pursuing a higher standard for development and preservation.

Our Services

Our experienced planners are recognized experts in policy solutions that generate high quaility development and preservation!  We provide:

  • Design guidelines, architectural standards and other policies customized to your community
  • Complete reviews of current policies and recommendations for change
  • AICP Certification Maintenance, for planners and planning commissioners
  • On-site presentations and consultations
  • Design review board training and advice
  • Brick and masonry preservation advice

All of our assistance is complimentary, with no strings attached!


“We were provided with sample ordinances, power point presentations, and photos and illustrations. The combination of these tools facilitated a process of developing our standards that went smoothly, quickly and efficiently. The sample ordinances supplied us with the background research needed to begin the process. The power point presentations played a significant part in educating our ordinance review committee on the elements of design standards. The photos were critical in allowing the committee to visualize the desired commercial development. With the Heartland Brick council’s assistance we quickly achieved consensus among committee members, planning commission and city council.”

– Shelli, City of Bentonville