About Us

Heartland Brick (a.k.a. the Heartland Region of The Brick Industry Association, formerly Heartland Brick Council) is a not-for-profit association of Midwest clay brick manufacturers. Like most industry associations we market and support our products in various ways and serve as a gateway to the industry as a whole. Heartland Brick has a particular interest in communities, which is the foundation for our program of free community planning assistance.


Our Member Manufacturers

The Acme Brick Company, The Belden Brick Company, The Bowerston Shale Company, Cherokee Brick & Tile Company, Cloud CeramicsColumbus Brick Company, Endicott Clay Products CompanyHebron Brick Company, Henry Brick Company, Kansas Brick & TilePalmetto Brick Company, Pine Hall Brick, Redland Brick, Sioux City Brick and Tile Company, Triangle Brick Company, Yankee Hill Brick.


Contact Us

The Brick Industry, Heartland Region

414 South 17th Street, Suite 102A

Ames, IA 50010

866.644.1293 (toll free)